What We Offer


Office Cleaning Services

Our professional office cleaning service includes cleaning bathroom, dusting, discarding trash, cleaning computer tables, and mopping and sweeping the floors.


Janitorial Services

Be it cleaning a whole office complex in Karachi or just cleaning bathrooms in a school, we provide the best Janitorial Cleaning services to make the facility look pristine.


Fumigation Service

Our technicians are highly trained fumigation experts; they are well-informed with all the cutting-edge technology available to control your pests.


Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

With us, your expensive carpet and furniture is handled with extensive detail to remove all possible grim, dirt and stains, while enhancing the overall look.


Scrape Purchasing

Don’t discard your junk material like outdated office furniture, let us help you get the best possible value for it.


Office Shifting

Need an extra hand in relocating your office? We are here for you! Our professionals will help you shift all the office belongings efficiently anywhere in Karachi.


Glass Cleaning

Making your glass sparkle clean is what we do the best. We use non-abrasive elements to keep your glass outshine bright and last longer.


Chemical Marble Polish

We polish marble to provide it with extra shine and restores scratches on the marble countertops as well as ceramic tiles.


Water Tanker Cleaning

Our professional cleaning experts will help you prevent all the microbes from occurring in your water reservoirs, and keep your water drinkable.



From repairing electric outlets to plumbing, painting to glass repairing, we provide all the services you might be looking for your home or office across Karachi.

Our Capabilities

We are a registered company in Govt. of Sindh:

We are one of the Registered Company in Govt. of Sindh who providing services of ‘Janitorial & Gardening’ for all kinds of purpose i.e. Factories, Bungalows, Flats, & Hotels etc.

We have 17-years experience of ‘Janitorial And Family Business :

Since 2016, We are providing Janitorial service to Wall Mart Private Ltd, with the name of VJD And Company and the head of VJD And Company (Pvt) Ltd. have 17-years experience as Janitorial Officer.

We respect & facilitate our employees:

We pay handsome salary to our employees plus many other benefit i.e. medical facilities, uniform, bonuses etc.

VJD & COMPANY is a Karachi-based pest control and cleaning company providing both your home and office services. VJD & COMPANY has been serving for many years and have earned a good reputation for getting the task done professionally the first time & every time. We provide various commercial and domestic projects within the city.

Does your home/ office need a Deep Cleaning or Fumigation Service?

Professional cleaning services have the exact solution to all your problems.

If you are facing continuous overflowing sewage or blocked pipelines issue, get our Janitorial Service. Or if you are fed-up with the unused stuff at your place, the Scrap Services will get you rid of that. Additionally, we provide you a proper Glass Cleaning, Floor Cleaning Services , Sofa Cleaning Service & Carpet Cleaning Service , and a profound Water-Tank Cleaning Services . You can also get exceptional services like Electrician Services, Cleaning Materials, office shifting, and upholstery cleaning services. You can avail of any of our office cleaning, Home Cleaning Services along with Cleaning Material within reasonable rates with just a call away.

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